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Unusual Suspects has developed a method for individual coaching or organisational development purposes. Our approach depends entirely on specific requests or situations, but is generally a three-stage process.

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what key questions, issues or choices are facing the individual (organization) and are these assumptions actually accurate? Probing such assumptions together often leads to new insights or ways of defining challenges.

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problem-mapping allows individuals or organisations to figure out ‘where they are’, what it will take to identify and pursue the right opportunities. This phase can take time and is approached in hands-on, group workshop sessions with an emphasis on consensus-building and group creativity. When appropriate, online capacity-building tools (such as the Belbin Team Method or Team Climate Inventory programmes) can be used to examine issues independently.

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together we marshall all conclusions from the coaching or workshop activity and prioritise them. Generally, our work finishes when the individual or organisation has found a way to make conclusions SMART.

Unusual Suspects also helps individual artists, producers, programmers and managers with career or other choices they may be facing in their work or profession. 


We log the progress of all coaching trajectories but

we don’t write reports!

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