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Heart of Brick

Three genre-defying artists join forces to tell the story of love and self-discovery in Heart of Brick, a theatrical dance and music production that captures the multi-generational spirit of the Black queer community. Experimental R&B musician serpentwithfeet embarks on his first theatrical stage work alongside multimedia artist Wu Tsang and choreographer Raja Feather Kelly. With a cast of seven dancers and live performance by serpentwithfeet, Heart of Brick follows the love that blossoms between two men in a Black gay nightclub in New York. Beguilingly gentle and sincere, the work features music from serpentwithfeet’s newest album, weaving together music and dance into a theatrical experience.

serpentwithfeet, creator and co-writer
Wu Tsang, director
Raja Feather Kelly, choreographer
Donte Collins, co-writer



"The music serpentwithfeet makes is immediately distinctive, harnessing his gospel and classical training to a startling emotional openness." The musician brings that sensibility to an ambitious new project.”

New York Times

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