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The Crossing Choir, Ragazze Quartet, David T Little, Jorinde Keesmaat


One of the Netherlands' pioneering music-theatre and opera makers joins forces with the American composer David T Little for a fully-staged piece with the renowned Grammy winning The Crossing Choir and Ragazze Quartet. Sin-Eater is a full-length work of ritual music-theatre exploring ideas around the unequal distribution of pain throughout our society. The three parts reframe rituals surrounding the consumption of food, revealing deeper meanings. Part I: Le Grand-Couvert - The audience enters to witness a grand banquet. The choir sings recipes from the court of Louis XIV: slyly, subtly, but with sinister use of extracts from Swift’s A Modest Proposal. Part II: The Sin-Eater - The banquet is cleared and a body placed upon the table. Bread is placed on the body, where it absorbs the sins. The sin-eater approaches.  Part III: Eucharist - The sin-eater takes bread, and delivers a bizarre form of Communion to both the members of the choir and the audience, consummating a ritual of shared complicity.


November 2023


9 November 2023, Muziekgebouw Aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam

10 November 2023, Verkadefabriek , ‘s-Hertogenbosch @ November Music

Jorinde Keesmaat: “The history of the almost mythological sin-eaters is not widely known today. They seem a relic of a distant past. But when we examine contemporary society, we quickly see that sin-eaters are everywhere. A disconcerting discovery, we place our fellow humans in the roles of cleaner, carrier, and protector, asking that they purify our souls by removing every blemish, by doing the painful things so we don’t have to. Is this an ethically permissible way to use another person, as a cleansing agent? I find it exciting and enriching to explore the limits of those extreme questions.”
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