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Thomas Azier ft. Obi Blanche & Vocal Ensemble


Glossolalia is a special project by the Dutch pop artist Thomas Azier and the Finnish guitarist / producer Obi Blanche. It's a live performance, with sound and movement at its heart, in which 8 choral singers, guest artists and ambient sound sources become a metaphor for the chaotic soundscape making up and dominating most of our lives. In Glossolalia the audience’s perceptions are manipulated by a stream of competing data. Thomas has been working with Unusual Suspects on this research project, which brings singers and instrumentalists together in unconventional settings to explore the boundaries of immersive sound in public settings. Glossolalia is the result, partly developed in collaboration with Rotterdam’s O. Festival. Unusual Suspects has coached Thomas Azier on the choral and spatial aspects of the project, and put together an international tour for the production.

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“I care little for the illusion of reality. in my opinion, it conflicts with the principle of the IRL (“in real life”) concert, the interaction, the danger. Concerts are among the few moments when I am fully engaged with the now. I am convinced that we need to utilize this pandemic momentum to test alternative “shared experiences”.”


10 March 2022, TivoliVredenburg Utrecht @ Birds of Paradise festival

16 March 2022, Exile Zürich @ Apples and Olives festival

9 April 2022, C-Mine Genk

26 May 2022, HAKA gebouw Rotterdam @ O. Festival

30 June 2022, Patronaat Haarlem @ The Big Sing festival


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