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Another Green World

Inspired by the cult album of the same name by Brian Eno, a first edition of Another Green World was developed in Eindhoven in the summer of 2021 by Unusual Suspects together with Strijbos & Van Rijswijk and festival STRP. Composers/artists, the public and the natural landscape are connected in a special way with the help of the unique Another Green World app. The inspiration for each site specific edition is a natural location: a large park, forest or lake. Together with guest composers and musicians, a Gesamtkunstwerk of soundscapes is created that is laid over the location as an auditory mosaic. Using geolocation technology, the individual music fragments of the collective work are captured at various points and routes in the landscape. By downloading the App and selecting the artist of your choice, the visitor experiences and creates his own private soundscape while walking. The online content can be combined with live performances.


AGW 2.jpeg


26-29 August 2022 Voedselbos & Philips de Jonghpark, Eindhoven @ STRP festival

feat. Jameszoo, Konduku, Amy Root, Bram Stadhouders a.o.


Upon request

Foto Wandelaars Voedselbos.jpg

Eindhovens Dagblad: "Een bijzondere klanktrip door een 'andere groene wereld'"

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