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Looking Back - Another Green World

Although Unusual Suspects officially opens its doors this December, we’ve already been busy on a number of projects. One of these was Another Green World, an event produced last summer at the Voedselbos (in the Wielewaal) and the Philips de Jonghpark in Eindhoven. Together with partners Strijbos & Van Rijswijk and STRP, this event was an experiment, in the form of a mini-festival in with hybrid combinations of digital soundwalks and intimate live performances for enthralled small audiences in the middle of lush, natural landscape. We worked with Amy Root, Bram Stadhouders, Konduku, Jameszoo, and Mathilde Nobel for this project.

Inspired by the legendary Brian Eno album Another Green World, each artist created new compositions and soundtracks - 12 in total - which could be heard on headphones in the Philips de Jongh Park with the use of the Another Green World sound-walk App. Or rather: can be heard, because this magical sound installation, which unfolds organically, depending on which of the many possible routes you follow through the park, is still available until further notice! By downloading the (free) App on your own device your personal choice of route influences what you hear, and in what order. Every visit is a different experience.

For an impression of how it sounded, look at our aftermovie of the soundwalk by Amy Root in the Voedselbos. Or even better, download the Another Green World App for Apple or Android and visit all 12 routes in the Philips de Jongh Park in Eindhoven.



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